When cooking becomes a boring daily chore and lacks any thrill, there's no better way to rekindle the spark by challenging your skills in a cooking contest!

"Al Dente" Cooking Contest is a short mini-game that features a 3-round cooking challenge against 3 different chefs. Help Dylan to carefully choose what dishes to prepare in order to please the judges, who have different tastes. Try to beat the 3 chefs, win the contest and claim the prize!


  • 24 dishes to prepare, using 4 different spices that will affect both the dishes and the judges scores.
  • A total of 6 judges with their own tastes who will rate your dishes.
  • 3 chefs to defeat.
  • Randomized judges.
  • Short and silly storyline with a few small secrets.
  • Overused Emotion Balloon Icons.
  • You can make pizza in this game. That's totally a feature!
  • Also features our all time favourite hero as a judge: Harold! *waits for applause*


  • Around 30 minutes.


  • Pay attention to the introduction of every judge, it will give a vague hint about what they might like.
  • The judges appear randomly and have specific likes and dislikes, although they might compromise with some dishes. It's advised to take notes and experiment while you play.
  • Since this is a short minigame, you can't save. If you lose the round, you can try again without needing to restart everything.
  • You have to beat the score of the enemy chef. Since you are the challenger, if you have a tie score, the enemy chef will win.


Selection - Arrow keys, Mouse, Numpad
Confirm - Enter, Spacebar, Left Mouse Click, Z
Cancel - Esc, Right Mouse Click, X


This short mini-game has been made in a couple of days (1 day for developing and 1 day for testing) using Rpg Maker MV for the March Madness Mini-Game Contest on Rpg Maker Web. It's also available in this page.


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